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Collective Results.

Helping you do good work better.


Who we support

Collective Results is passionate about helping not-for-profit organizations, charities, and public sector organizations do good work better. 


From health and human services organizations to education and environmental organizations, if you have a mission to do good, we want to work with you. 

The team at Collective Results understands the challenges of working in an organization that is committed to doing good. We've worked in those organizations ourselves. We know that you are in this sector because you want to make positive change, and we want to help you build bridges between great intentions and great outcomes. 

What we do
Our values

Collective Results takes on the foundational work that you don't have time to do so that you can spend time doing what you do best, making the world a better place. 

Collective Results works in partnership with organizations and communities to help you define and achieve your goals and know that you're making a difference. We can help you build strategies for meaningful change and show that change to your community and your funders. 

Collective Results understands the increasing complexity of problems faced within the systems that you operate in. We are committed to working with you to find innovative upstream solutions to address these issues.  ​

Collective Results can work on individual projects or can be fully integrated into your organization to support a variety of strategic initiatives. 


Collective Results lives our firm’s values in all the work we do with our clients: 

  • Relationships: We build collaborative relationships and partnerships on a foundation of respect, trust, kindness, and transparency as we work to achieve meaningful results. 

  • Learning: We question, listen, evaluate, reflect, and search for evidence with open minds to better our relationships and our results.

  • Happiness: We believe that happiness and optimism fuel our success and through habits and small shifts in our mind-set we are able to bring the happy in all we do.

  • Equity: We are committed to ongoing learning about diversity and inclusion as we strive for equity in our corporate culture, our practices and with the clients and communities we serve.

About Us


Strategic Planning

Collective Results can work with you to build an actionable and measurable strategic plan that won't sit on a shelf. 

Program Monitoring & Evaluation

Collective Results can help you build and implement program monitoring and evaluation frameworks that get you the data you need to understand how your programs work and how they make a difference. We can also help you build continuous quality improvement (CQI) infrastructure at your organization. 

What We Offer

Primary and Secondary Research

Collective Results can help you conduct qualitative and quantitative research to support your goals. From interviews, focus groups, and surveys, to analyzing small and large data sets, Collective Results would love to help you with your next research project. The Collective Results team specializes in knowledge mobilization and data visualization to ensure that the research findings you have invested in can be understood and used by your target audiences.  


Collective Results is passionate about engaging participants in meaningful dialogue to accomplish a goal. Whether it's a community consultation, internal planning meeting, or another kind of event, Collective Results can use its vast toolbox of in-person and virtual facilitation skills to ensure you get the most out of the precious time you have with participants. 

Program Development

Collective Results can help you develop new programs or revitalize existing programs using an evidence-informed planning model which takes into account research evidence, local data, community needs, and resources. We can help you develop your program frameworks (e.g. logic models, theories of change, etc.), program plans, and supporting materials for implementation.


Collective Results can help you manage projects of any size, or build project management systems at your organization. Collective Results applies best practices in change management strategies to help your organization successfully implement new initiatives or change initiatives. 

Grant & Proposal Writing

Collective Results loves writing grants. We love distilling your great ideas into the right number of words or characters on an application form to tell a compelling story. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing you get a big cheque to help make the world a better place.

Training & Capacity Building

Collective Results can help your organization build skills and capacity. We offer workshops on any of our areas of specialty, and can work with you to design a custom training program that meets your needs. Our training programs are always interactive and practical, focusing on helping your team integrate their learnings into practice.

Our Team

Our team

Collective Results is an experienced team of service leaders with experience in the nonprofit and public sectors.

Collective Results is passionate about working with organizations to help them achieve their goals and make the world a better place.

Amy Estill

Founder & CEO

I have had many wonderful and fulfilling opportunities to support public sector and not-for-profit organizations in paid and volunteer roles. I have developed and managed multiple program, agency, and community-wide projects, and I have managed high-functioning teams of up to 18 interdisciplinary staff members.


I am passionate about collaborative, results-focused work and I find enjoyment in motivating teams to achieve more together. My particular strengths are in visioning, group facilitation, project management, grant writing, and training and capacity building. 


I have a Master’s degree in Health Studies and Gerontology from The University of Waterloo, a leadership certificate from The University of Waterloo, a change management certificate from e-Cornell, a knowledge mobilization certificate from the University of Guelph, and I'm Lean Healthcare Green Belt Certified. 

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Liz Robson

Chief Operating Officer, Collective Results

I have had the opportunity to work in various management and project lead roles over the past 15 years across different organizations and sectors. I love working on projects that span an entire organization and those that involve systems planning across a community.


It may sound strange, but the work that I gravitate towards is often messy to start. What I mean by “messy” is that I enjoy working as a team to solve complex problems and find solutions. Working together as a team to define a project’s purpose and to establish useful metrics to measure results has the potential to not only improve your processes and outcomes but may also lead to increased work satisfaction and team cohesion!


I have a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Waterloo, a leadership certificate from the University of Waterloo and am Lean Healthcare Green Belt certified. 

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Ishan Angra

Organizational Development Team Lead, Collective Results

Over the past 15 years I have had the privilege to work in the education, public health, and health sectors. I have had many diverse experiences, from facilitating health promotion projects across different settings, to teaching high school science and physical education, to planning regional programs and advocating for health equity in health system planning. Across different systems, organizations and in a variety of frontline and leadership roles, my work has always been community and partnership driven and evidence-based. I relish opportunities to work with others to move projects forward collaboratively, with empathy and clear communication.

I have a Master’s degree in Applied Health Sciences from Brock University and Bachelor’s of Education from the University of Toronto. I have also completed a Professional Certificate in Knowledge Management from the University of Ottawa and am a certified Bridges Out of Poverty trainer.

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Michi Motomura

Consultant, Collective Results

I have been honoured to work as a researcher and evaluator for over 15 years at a variety of organizations in the public and not-for-profit sectors. My work has primarily focused on conducting applied research and evaluation to support program and organizational planning and development. I have led a wide range of projects through all stages of evaluation including framework development, research design, tool development, data collection, analysis, reporting and implementation of recommendations. I have a particular interest in the real-world application of research and data in the service of program and policy development. I thrive in a collaborative environment where individuals with a diversity of backgrounds can work together towards a common goal. I believe in evidence-based initiatives and am driven to ensure that research and data is accessible to everyone.

I have a PhD in Applied Social Psychology from the University of Windsor and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from McMaster University.

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Lindsay Cline

Consultant, Collective Results

Over the past 10 years, I have continued to expand my skillset in various roles within higher education and public health. Whether working on research projects or health promotion planning, I have always been interested in gaining a better understanding of the underlying “why” – why we think the way we do, make certain choices, or behave in specific ways – and what can we do to improve?


During my time working in public health, I was involved with several different projects focused on program evaluation, group facilitation and strategic planning. I value relationship building through collaboration and taking a thoughtful approach to every project. My strengths include critical thinking, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization.


I have a PhD in Applied Health Sciences – Behavioural & Population Health from Brock University.

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Auburn Larose

Consultant, Collective Results

For over a decade I have had the opportunity to work with various public health, non-profit, and healthcare agencies around the world. From researching maternal health outcomes in India, to developing physical education programming in South Korea, to improving health equity among migrant workers in the United States, I love working on projects that bring people together and use data to drive change.


I’ve always been fascinated by the power of data – the ability of numbers in cells, once analyzed and visualized well, to shed light on the unknown, to give depth of understanding, and to breathe life into the questions we want answered. Data can move mountains. 

My strengths are in data science, knowledge mobilization, data visualization, and planning. I thrive in collaborative environments that bring together unique ideas to create innovative solutions. 


I have a Master’s degree in Global Health from McMaster University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Studies from Queen’s University, and a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education from Queen’s University. I am also Lean Sigma Yellow Belt certified. 

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Brianne Petrina

Community Based Research Team Lead, Collective Results

For the past 14 years, I have been grateful to do some truly exciting and impactful work across the public, health and academic sectors. Whether it be research supporting national evidence-informed physical activity guidelines, developing a comprehensive health promotion strategy and program from scratch in a new community, leading strategic planning for a children’s services coalition, or advocating for neighbourhoods to be designed in a way that makes the healthier choice the easier choice, doing
evidence-informed, meaningful work with wonderful people has always been my motivation.

I find it rewarding to work collaboratively using various methodologies and approaches to piece together the current story of a community, sector or agency, emphasizing the strengths and opportunities for change. When this information is coupled with evidence-informed approaches to create an innovative, tangible plan, the story can change. My favourite part is witnessing the next chapter of the story evolve to achieve the desired outcomes. My strengths include project management, planning, research and evaluation.

I have a Master’s degree in Health & Exercise Psychology from McMaster University and Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Western University. I am also Lean Healthcare Green Belt certified.


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Client experence
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Tin Vo

Data, Program Monitoring and Evaluation Team Lead, Collective Results

I have over 10 years of experience leading research and evaluation projects in the public health, social services, and higher education sectors. I have engaged in community-led research, as well as evidence-informed program planning. As an evaluator, my primary approach is utilization-focused, ensuring that projects centre the intended use of evaluation findings. My work seeks to integrate equity within all aspects, from the planning, implementation, analysis, interpretation, and knowledge mobilization stages of projects. My areas of expertise include but are not limited to infectious and communicable diseases, mental health and substance use, as well as discrimination, intersectionality, and wellbeing. My recent work examined social exclusion (e.g., discrimination, stigma) as a determinant of health for marginalized groups and strategies to evaluate equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-oppression initiatives. 


I have a PhD (Social Work) from Wilfrid Laurier University, a MPH (Health Promotion) from the University of Alberta, and a HBSc from the University of Guelph. I am also a Credentialed Evaluator with the Canadian Evaluation Society and am Lean Sigma Yellow Belt certified.

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Audra Thompson-Haile

Program and Product Development Team Lead, Collective Results

For the past 15 years I have been working in leadership and project management roles for various public and non-profit settings- always related to improving, informing and/or understanding health-related issues. My background in education provided me with the opportunity to spend much of my earlier career working on research and surveillance projects within school ecosystems. Later, I shifted to a new sector directing a Ministry funded education and research focused program aimed at enhancing the well-being of those who live and work in long-term care. 


I thrive when the work I do is not only informed by data and best practices, but when I get the chance to build relationships and work in a collaborative team environment. My strengths include leadership, project management, facilitation and research. 


I have a Master’s degree in Physical Education and Recreation from the University of Alberta, and a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees, both from Brock University.

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Denia Hurst

Consultant, Collective Results


During my undergraduate studies, I was involved in various student leadership roles working in health promotion and program evaluation in higher education and not-for-profit settings. As a recent Public Health graduate, I have worked on various projects as a consultant and supported data collection and evaluation tool development. I have worked on projects involving youth wellbeing and mental health programming. I am passionate about health equity and health communication. I enjoy collaborating with others in a team to work towards a common goal.


I have a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Waterloo and an Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto.

Rachel Scholten

Executive Assistant, Collective Results

Over the past 5 years I have dedicated myself to providing exceptional customer service in the Corrugated Packaging Industry. During my time in Customer Service I expanded on and refined  my organization, time management, interpersonal and communication skills. I also have experience in Human Resources and Health and Safety.  


I’m passionate about organization and creating processes and procedures that make daily tasks easier, not just for myself, but for everyone around me. I thrive in settings where I can lend a helping hand whenever possible and where I can take on roles and responsibilities to help others be more efficient.  


I have a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Adult Development, with a minor in Child, Youth and Families studies. In addition, I have a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management and am Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified. I also have Leadership Essentials and Facilitation training.

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"As a CEO new to an agency, having the support of Collective Results has been a game changer. Not only are they bringing a critical eye to existing Agency structure and processes but are facilitating the process of refreshing the Strategic Plan, refocusing strategic priorities, raising expectations with a goal to shift the culture on accountability, service excellence and value for money.

Their long history of working with not for profit agencies is evident in the use of dynamic facilitation skills, standardized structures and processes for engagement and collaboration, which ultimately leads to results."
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Collective Results has consultants across Ontario to serve the diverse needs of Ontario's communities. The Collective Results head office is based in Guelph, Ontario. Collective Results can work in-person or virtually across Canada.


Please note - We do not accept or collect payment information through this website. 

Collective Results acknowledges the ancestral homelands of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, Neutral, and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation peoples, on whose territory our staff reside. 

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