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Sunsets and Strategy: A Glimpse into Collective Results’ Fall Retreat

Liz- I absolutely LOVE how it seems to have become tradition over the past 3 years for the full CR team to escape on a multi-day retreat. Each year, our growing team has taken time away from our desks and our screens to enjoy time outdoors, to learn about each other, and to have important strategic discussions as a team. One of my favourite moments from this year was watching the sunset over lake Huron together. In those moments of stillness and silence, I took pause to appreciate how special it is to be surrounded by frolleagues (friends + colleagues), to soak in what we have accomplished to date, and to appreciate the potential of all the good that we can do in the years to come!

Ishan- Our fall CR team retreats have become one of my favourite times of the year! Amazing humans, beautiful weather and discussions about planning... what could be better 🙂? This year we took the opportunity to reflect on the wonderful work we have done together as a team and also plan/vision for what we would like the upcoming year(s) to look like. Most importantly, we intentionally set aside time and space to connect/reconnect as a team that has grown in numbers and is growing together. I am excited about what we have planned for the rest of 2023 and 2024 and looking forward to seeing it all come together.

Michi- Our team retreat, close to the shores of Lake Huron, brought out feelings of both nostalgia for my early childhood experiences along that very lake and of new beginnings as we worked to refresh CR’s strategic plan. I was amazed by my colleagues’ ability to effectively shephard us through such a daunting task with ease while leaving time for us to connect with each other and with nature. That sunset alone was worth the trip!

Lindsay- I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with my colleagues at our retreat as we spent time together planning for our future and participating in fun activities. For one of the prioritization exercises I led with our team, I tried out a new method that involved everyone casting a private vote with coloured slips of paper that represented individual preferences. This was in place of a more commonly used voting exercise called “dot-mocracy” where a dot sticker is placed beside a certain item to cast a vote that allows everyone to publicly see how the votes are stacking up. As someone who finds themselves easily “swayed by the dots” to vote in favour of a visual majority…I would use this new method with a more private style of voting again when facilitating a prioritization exercise amongst a larger group.

Brianne- Our team retreat is always an excellent opportunity to connect in person, enjoy each other's company and do some exciting future planning for Collective Results. While focusing on our new strategic plan, something was very clear to me. Collective Results genuinely cares and invests in our clients and the projects we have the opportunity to support. We also find joy in the meaningful work we do every day. This reflection, plus the retreat being in my happy place (you cannot beat a Lake Huron sunset!) with our incredible team reaffirmed for me once again that I am blessed to be a member of this dream team! As always, I walked away with an amplified level of gratitude for these wonderful people, the comfort and trust that exists between us, and all of the opportunities Collective Results has provided me.

Melissa- Our team retreat was a great opportunity to step away from our desks and immerse ourselves in a new environment. The setting of our retreat offered many great opportunities to connect with nature, which was restorative and inspired fresh ideas and thinking. A recurring theme throughout our strategic planning sessions was finding joy in doing impactful work. We also found joy in each other’s company, while walking on the beach or roasting marshmallows; building new connections and strengthening existing relationships. I returned to my day-to-day work with gratitude for my supportive and talented colleagues, and the collaborative leadership of Collective Results.

Audra- This was my first annual retreat and I left feeling grateful and excited about the work ahead. Being surrounded by engaged and fun colleagues, in one of the most beautiful settings Ontario has to offer, was a real pleasure!

Tin-This was my first 3-day retreat with the team. It was such a great way for us to disconnect from the day-to-day and engage in deep team-building activities, as well as strategic and organizational planning for Collective Results. This time away from the hustle and bustle of life and work made me very much appreciative of the wonderful group of humans I am privileged to work with at Collective Results. I left the retreat feeling energized and motivated to continue the great work that Collective Results has started, and hopeful for the next stage of development for Collective Results.

Denia- As a newer member of Collective Results, I was excited to attend my first retreat with the team. The retreat was a great combination of strategic planning, goal setting for the company, and opportunities to mingle with the team. This was also my first time visiting Zurich, Ontario. I was so fascinated by the blue water of Lake Huron and the large wind turbines. It was a great setting for a team retreat! After returning from the retreat, I feel more connected to my colleagues and I am excited to see what is next for Collective Results.

Lauren- Being newer to the team, I enjoyed getting to know my colleagues and bonding while participating in various work-related and social activities. It was also nice to have the opportunity to contribute to CR’s new strategic plan and share my input. It felt good to know that my thoughts and opinions were valued. It was also reassuring to hear that others had similar thoughts and that we weren’t alone. I left the retreat feeling a real sense of belonging. I’m so grateful to be part of such a supportive team that shares the same values as me.

Rachel- Retreats are always my favourite. I love getting to know everyone even more and sharing experiences together. This year, the sunset really was the highlight of the retreat! Lake Huron has always had my heart, and it was special sharing it with my work family.

Amy- It was so exciting to have the full team together at our fall retreat this year, in my happy place on the shores of Lake Huron. We had a big task to accomplish during our retreat this year - to set the goals and objectives for our next strategic plan. Liz and Lindsay expertly led us through the process, using fun and effective engagement techniques, and it was so amazing to see all of our hopes and dreams about the future of Collective Results come together in one place to guide our way forward. I’m so happy with where we landed. We have a plan that really reflects CR values (more to come on this soon). It was also really nice to spend some time bonding as a team - a highlight was watching the sunset over the lake together and sharing some smores and laughs around the campfire.

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