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Reflections on Retirement - Farewell Jennifer MacLeod

When I joined the Collective Results team I knew it was going to be a rewarding experience full of rich opportunities to learn, grow and contribute to meaningful projects. I was so right. I feel privileged to have been a member of this incredible team. I’ve worked closely with some of them for many years and others are new colleagues. Each of them brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that I’ve learned from, and that our clients have benefitted from. More importantly, this team has a shared set of values that manifests as a supportive, caring, productive, fun, and dynamic working environment.

This is intended to be a retirement announcement, but I feel like I’m talking myself out of it. The decision to retire was not an easy one. This is my third attempt! Although this change is positive and exciting, change can be challenging. I’m letting go of something that I very much value and moving toward a different lifestyle that feels uncertain and unknown. The timing just feels right. In this next stage of my life I will be spending more time with family and friends and pursuing all kinds of adventures. Also, I’ll be available to support Collective Results projects on a casual basis. Although I’m leaving my current adventure and embracing new ones, I’ll be cheering their successes from the sidelines.


The team at Collective Results will miss Jennifer so very much. We are all so honoured to have had the opportunity to work with and know her. We are excited for her next chapter

and the adventure's she will go on!

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