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Reflecting on Program Development

Program development lays at the heart of many of Collective Results’ projects, particularly those that involve program monitoring and evaluation. It is through ongoing program monitoring, evaluation, research and reflection that organizations can create, develop and improve their programs to maximize their impact on the community or the people they serve.

Many evaluation consultants will only take their clients as far as developing recommendations for a program or initiative – Collective Results will take you beyond that to develop an actionable plan to implement recommendations and measure your progress along the way. Using the same tools in our strategic planning, research, and program evaluation work, we can help organizations create a new initiative or improve an existing one. As an example, over the past year, we have supported a province-wide program to implement significant program enhancements affecting multiple agencies across Ontario. The work has been divided into seven interagency work groups, ensuring a diversity of perspectives and agency ownership of the strategies being implemented. The work groups have established their own work plans including deliverables and timelines. To ensure alignment across the work groups and agencies, the work is overseen by a Steering Committee and regular updates are provided to the agency network as a whole. While this type of work is not always easy or fast, we are already seeing vast improvements to the

program’s communication infrastructure both internally and to the community they serve.

If you are feeling stuck on how to get started with a new initiative or how to implement program improvements, we can help!

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