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Raheal’s Reflection from Working with CR on a Student Placement

Hello all,

My name is Raheal and for the past few months I have found myself immersed in a fulfilling and impactful professional experience working for the Collective Results Team as part of my final grad practicum. Collaborating with a team of passionate experts, I actively contributed to two projects aimed at enhancing the effectiveness and reach of community initiatives.

This hands-on experience not only sharpened my practical skills in consulting but also reinforced my commitment to contributing meaningfully to the broader community's well-being. Working at Collective Results provided a unique and enriching platform where my academic knowledge converged with real-world application, fostering a deep sense of purpose in supporting initiatives that make a positive impact in our communities. The exposure to diverse projects has allowed me to apply evaluation methodologies, data analysis techniques, and strategic planning skills in practical scenarios. Engaging with the complexities of community health initiatives has honed my ability to assess program effectiveness, identify key performance indicators, and contribute meaningfully to evidence-based decision-making. Furthermore, through engagement and collaboration with community partners, I've gained a nuanced understanding of the unique challenges faced by diverse populations. This exposure has not only broadened my cultural competence but has also sharpened my ability to tailor consulting strategies to cater to the specific needs of varied communities. As I navigate my role at Collective Results, I am continually inspired to champion equity as a fundamental principle in supporting community well-being.

Drawing from my background in direct care nursing and leadership, my practicum experience at Collective Results has provided me with a holistic perspective on advancing equity within public health initiatives. Combining my clinical expertise with consulting work, I've been able to bridge the gap between healthcare delivery and strategic planning, ensuring that our interventions not only address health disparities but also advocate for fairness and justice in healthcare access. This dual perspective allows me to leverage my understanding of patient care, diverse healthcare settings, and management skills to contribute meaningfully to projects that prioritize equity. As a leader, I find that this experience not only enhances my ability to promote inclusive practices within my team but also reinforces the importance of fostering equity as a core value in healthcare management.

The greatest takeaway from my experience at Collective Results has been the profound realization of the transformative potential that lies at the intersection of healthcare, consulting, and community engagement. Witnessing the tangible impact of our efforts in addressing social determinants of health has been both inspiring and humbling. 

Overall, the collaborative environment at Collective Results has not only enriched my understanding of public health challenges but has also instilled in me a sense of purpose in contributing to positive, lasting change and has deepened my commitment to fostering health equity and inclusivity within the diverse communities we serve.

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