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New Year, New Strategic Plan for Collective Results

Happy New Year everyone!

Without further ado, the Collective Results team is pleased to share some key components of our company’s brand new strategic plan (*drumroll, please*). We are so excited about what this plan says about our company and what we hope to achieve in partnership with our clients over the next year.

Our Vision – Helping you do good work better.

Our Mission – Collective Results is an experienced team of service leaders that is passionate about helping organizations and communities achieve their goals by taking on the foundational work that organizations may not always have the internal capacity to lead. Collective Results works in partnerships with charities, not-for-profit, and public sector organizations to build bridges between great intentions and great outcomes.

Our Values

Relationships: We build collaborative relationships and partnerships on a foundation of respect, trust, kindness and transparency as we work to achieve meaningful results.

Learning: We question, listen, evaluate, reflect and search for evidence with open minds to better our relationships and our results.

Happiness: We believe that happiness and optimism fuel our success and through habits and small shifts in our mind-set we are able to bring the happy in all we do.

Equity: We are committed to ongoing learning about diversity and inclusion as we strive for equity in our corporate culture, our practices and with the clients and communities we serve.

We’ll be focusing on three strategic pillars this year:

Sustainable Growth: Helping our clients do more good work fuels our passion. We are committed to achieving this by building a great reputation and balancing growth opportunities with organizational sustainability.

Innovative Practices: We will support our clients in achieving their goals by providing high quality, innovative services and products. We will intentionally innovate in all that we do to achieve the best results.

People and Culture: Creating an inclusive, supportive, and wellness focused culture will allow us to recruit and retain the best people. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and skills as we give back to the communities we serve.

What parts of this resonate with you? What questions do you still have about Collective Results and who we are? Drop us a line. We’d love to know what you think!

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