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More than a strategic plan - how a collaborative and inclusive strategic planning process can have far reaching benefits

Collective Results recently supported Catulpa Community Support Services with the development of their new strategic plan. At the end of the project, the Catulpa team shared their persepctives on their experience working with Collective Results. 

What was your biggest takeaway from working with Collective Results?

The biggest takeaway from our experience with Collective Results was the immense value of collaboration and organization in the strategic planning process. By engaging staff from all areas and levels of the agency, we were able to harness a diverse range of perspectives and expertise, which enriched discussions and provided a holistic approach to the planning process. Collective Results' facilitation skills were also instrumental in guiding us through the multi-faceted development of our strategic plan. Their adeptness at facilitating engaging activities and prompting insightful questions kept the sessions focused and productive and became something that staff looked forward to participating in. This approach encouraged innovative thinking and problem-solving, guiding us to make informed decisions without feeling pressured.

Furthermore, working with Collective Results equipped our staff with valuable skills that extend beyond the strategic planning process. Staff members left the sessions with new strategies they could apply to other projects within the agency. This has enhanced our ability to execute our strategic plan effectively and amplifies our culture of continuous improvement and learning. Overall, our experience with Collective Results was incredibly insightful and has laid a strong foundation for our future endeavours.

What three words would you use to describe working with Collective Results and why?

Focused: Collective Results brought a structured approach to our strategic planning process, ensuring that discussions remained on track and goals were clearly defined. They helped us maximize our time and resources efficiently, ensuring that every session was productive and focused on achieving our objectives.

Professional: During our collaboration, Collective Results maintained a high level of professionalism in their communication, demeanour, and service delivery. Their expertise and experience in strategic planning were evident, providing us with confidence in their guidance and recommendations. This professionalism fostered a sense of trust and credibility, enhancing the overall effectiveness of our partnership.

Personable: Throughout this entire process, Collective Results exhibited warmth and personability. They engaged with our team members in a friendly and approachable manner, creating a comfortable environment for open communication and collaboration. This personal touch helped build rapport and encouraged active participation from all staff and agency affiliates, contributing to the success of our strategic planning process.

What do you think prospective clients should know about working with Collective Results?

Prospective clients should know that working with Collective Results is an insightful experience characterized by accountability, timeliness, and collaboration.

Collective Results employs a process-oriented approach that ensures that milestones are met and objectives are achieved. Their commitment to accountability will help keep your organization focused and on track toward your specific goals. In addition, Collective Results is timely, with excellent follow-through, consistently delivering on commitments and deadlines. This reliability ensures that strategic planning efforts progress smoothly and efficiently without unnecessary delays or disruptions.

Finally, one of Collective Results' standout qualities is its ability to create a collaborative and inviting environment. They foster a culture where all ideas, voices, and perspectives can be shared openly and without hesitation. This inclusivity promotes creativity and innovation, leading to more robust strategic plans that reflect the diverse perspectives within an organization.

Overall, prospective clients can expect a partnership with Collective Results that is not only results-driven but also supportive, collaborative, and empowering.

How did Collective Results help you overcome a challenge?

As an agency, our biggest challenge was perhaps taking more time than initially anticipated to work through the process, particularly at a Leadership level. Collective Results demonstrated flexibility and understanding by adjusting their approach to accommodate our evolving needs and timeline. They recognized the importance of thorough deliberation at the Leadership level and facilitated additional brainstorming sessions to ensure that all perspectives were thoroughly explored. Their expertise in strategic planning also proved invaluable in guiding us through the decision-making process. While offering valuable insights and recommendations, they ensured that we retained ownership of our strategic direction. Their approach was collaborative and empowered us to make informed decisions aligned with our agency goals and values.

From the Collective Results Team: Thank you Catulpa Community Support Services! We very much enjoyed working with you and your team on your strategic plan. We learned a great deal about the valuable work you do along the way, and we’re looking forward to our continued collaboration.

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