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Meeting showdown: In-person vs. virtual meetings. What do you prefer?

As Liz and I were planning a meeting for a client a few days ago, we were marveling about all of the innovative virtual meeting tools that we have at our disposal now. They may or may not have existed pre-pandemic, but they have become critical to our day to day since February 2020. As organizations slowly start to move back to working in offices and we all start to reimagine what that will look like, the video conferencing and online collaboration tools have forced us to also (re)examine why and when we meet in person.

We are intrigued by this virtual versus in-person tension and thought it would be fun and interesting to write a few blogs about what we learn. Over the next few months, we will be asking colleagues, clients and friends what they think about virtual and in-person meetings. Do they have a preference for attending and facilitating either? And why? What tips and tricks can they share for making their preferred meeting style as successful as possible?

Do you have a preference? Let us know in the comments.

Speaking about meetings that can only take place in person… The Collective Results team participated in the HOHO Holiday 5K for Make a Wish Canada on Friday. The sight of four ‘Santas’ jogging past definitely brought some honks, a few funny looks and many smiles.

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