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Meet Rachel!

Hi, I'm Rachel! I am so happy to have joined the Collective Results team in May of 2022. Collective Results is an amazing group of people. They welcomed me warmly and I feel like I have already known them for years! They are incredibly dedicated and engaged in doing meaningful work, and I’m really excited to grow and learn from them all.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. My passion outside of work is food. I would say that cooking for others is my “love language”. I love everything about it - how beautiful it can look, smell, and taste, and especially how it can make people feel. I love that food brings people together. For me, cooking is a way to relieve stress and anxiety and find calm. I enjoy the entire process, from planning the menu and grocery shopping to the prep work, cooking, and plating. I thrive when I need to plan, organize and execute. Lately, I have also recognized a passion for party planning. I love picking a theme, being creative and just running with it. In addition to cooking, I have always enjoyed being creative and artistic. Party planning combines all these things for me.

My natural ability to care for and help others is what fuels these passions and drives me at home and at work. Helping and caring for others gives me joy and a purpose. Over the last five years, I poured my heart and soul into providing the best customer service possible to my customers in the Corrugated Packaging Industry. I used my organization, communication and interpersonal skills, as well as attention to detail and friendly personality to ensure I took great care of my customers. Being able to do things for people, whether it’s providing exceptional customer service or cooking a family meal, is truly my definition of happiness and what drives me.

These passions and past experiences fit perfectly with my new role as an Executive Assistant at Collective Results. I am a go-getter, ultimate planner and list maker who loves to colour code and create processes and procedures that make everyone’s day-to-day work easier. It has been so rewarding for me to take on the administrative work for this growing business and establish new systems that make everything function more effectively and efficiently. My role within the team allows me to do what makes me happy, helping the Collective Results team members continue to do great work and focus on what they love to do, helping organizations do good work better.

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