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Meet Liz!

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Hi, I’m Liz!

I joined Collective Results in March 2021. After working for over 15 years in different Public Health and Healthcare organizations, I felt like it was time for a career change. It is a difficult decision to change careers, but sometimes a leap of faith into a new world can be extremely uplifting and motivating!

The pandemic has impacted all of us in different ways, has taught us a lot, and has highlighted for me what is most important in life. I have a young family, 3 young boys to be specific, and the pandemic has been intense! I learned, as I’m sure many other parents did, that working, parenting and home-schooling just simply do not go well together! I am really hoping for a more “normal” school year and fingers crossed that the kids can learn in-person all year!

On a professional level, I learned many things over the past 18 months but most importantly that I want to do work that is meaningful and work collaboratively to get results! Collective Results is a consulting firm that specializes in that very thing, and we are passionate about working with individuals and groups to solve “wicked problems” and come up with innovative solutions.

One project that I have been leading since starting at Collective Results has been the development of a strategic plan for one of our clients. This client was due for a strategic plan refresh, with the last one being well past its intended end date. In addition, they didn’t feel that their last strategic plan was well implemented or even measurable – in other words the plan mostly sat on a shelf. I have been working with them since April to develop a strategic plan that is situated in the current context, impactful, inspiring, and oh yes…measurable!! We are almost ready to switch gears into plan implementation. We want the strategic plan to become the central connection point for the Agency and to support decision making – guiding the Agency in when to take on new projects and yes, even when NOT to do a particular project (sometimes it is hard to say “no” huh?).

There is one last thought I wanted to leave you with today… as I become more familiar with the world of consulting, one strength Collective Results brings is a fresh set of eyes on a project or initiative. Sometimes when you work for an organization and you are in too deep, it is easy to get caught in a rut of tunneling, where you don’t have time and can’t emerge from that tunnel to engage in systems thinking or prevent problems from occurring (I have been there – I get it!). If this resonates with you, we would love to connect and work with you or your organization someday soon!

Have you ever experienced the tunneling effect in your work? Tell us more!

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