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Meet Lindsay!

Hi, I’m Lindsay!

I joined Collective Results in January 2022 – a new year, a new start!

I’ve always been a reflective person – thinking about what lead me down a certain path. For those that know me well, they know I am a planner so when life throws a curveball that disrupts my nicely planned out route, it can be a challenge!

However, when I look back on some events that altered my path, those “Now what?” moments resulted in some of the best outcomes that I never could have planned for!

Most recently when it happened again, where a global pandemic derailed the enjoyable career path I was on, it was once again time to reflect and ask myself – now what? When the opportunity came up to join Collective Results, I knew this was another one of those pivotal – I didn’t see this coming – trajectory changes that I wanted to take!

I am excited to bring my experience from working in higher education and public health to Collective Results and continue to learn from my very talented colleagues. I look forward to using my skills in a new way to help our clients achieve their goals.

The Collective Results strategic vision, mission and values – which you can read more about in this previous blog post – align so nicely with my personal and professional goals. Some of my own core values include:

Connection – feeling a strong sense of connection with family and friends, feeling connected to the community I live in, and building supportive relationships with my coworkers

Optimism – finding ways to see the positive, taking time to appreciate the small things, and trying to reframe challenging situations into learning opportunities

Balance – engaging in physical activities that balance out my work spent in front of a computer screen, such as running outdoors on the trails, or practising self-talk to calm my mind in moments of stress

As today is Bell Let’s Talk Day, which is a campaign focused on creating positive change in mental health, I would like to share a really helpful exercise I learned while seeking support from a mental health counsellor. I was asked to complete a worksheet to help me identify my core values. Next, we worked together to brainstorm ways I could incorporate those values into my life – into my work, relationships, and hobbies.

I often return to this useful exercise when I feel overwhelmed, and things just feel “off”. I take a moment to reflect (of course!) and recognize that I’ve somehow steered away from those values, and I need to bring myself back to them as my anchor for joy and meaning. I encourage you to try this exercise and be purposeful with including your core values into your life.

What are some ways you can add your core values into your work, relationships, or hobbies?

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