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Meet Kelsey

Hello!  I’m Kelsey.  I feel blessed to join the Collective Results team.  It’s like “home” to be working with this kind group of people who are passionate about supporting organizations to do good in our communities.  Two decades ago, I entered the nursing profession because I wanted to help people.  A graduate elective class in the social determinants of health sparked my passion for doing work that empowers change not just for individual patients, but for groups of people experiencing health inequities.  Since then, it has been a privilege to work with communities as a nurse, health promoter, researcher, evaluator, and manager to grow and build health and social services that meet their needs.

On a personal note of introduction, I love being in motion. In my spare time you can find me coaching and cheering at my childrens’ sports events or cycling, running or swimming.  Being active grounds my day and teaches me to be present in the moment and rhythm of each pedal, step or kick forward.  Over the past years, as my life has become more full as a parent of three, I've found value in using a fitness app to track and support my well-being.  As someone who loves evidence-based planning and dashboards, I enjoy not only having structured workouts prepared by experts, but also a record of the work and milestones I’ve achieved.  On the cold, windy and hot days, having upbeat tunes and a coach in my headphones provides a clear purpose and positive motivation to fuel me to keep pushing forward. 

In parallel, as the instructors on my fitness app support my health, similarly so too do Consultants at Collective Results support organizations in our communities to grow into better versions of themselves.  As consultants we are energized, skilled and have a plan ready to support your health and human services organizations.  I look forward to the opportunity to be part of that journey for the clients I will support through Collective Results. 

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