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Meet Brianne!

Hello! I am Brianne and I am delighted to be the newest addition to the Collective Results team. I have worked across the health, public and academic sectors, but have spent the majority of my years in the world of public health. This is where I had the pleasure of working with many of the talented Collective Results team. I have a passion for doing meaningful, evidence-informed work with wonderful people, and Collective Results does just that.

I joined this team at a time in my life where the transition made sense. I was at the end of parental leave with our second child and was fearing what work-life balance would look like with two little and very energetic kids! My previous job required a commute and some additional strains on our family. Then, along came the exciting offer to join this dream team. After some discussions with my very supportive partner, it was clear that joining Collective Results would provide not only the work-life balance we needed, but also the opportunity to do the type of work I am passionate about.

As I transition away from parenting all day-every day, I have been reflecting on what work-related skills have been bolstered while parenting two young kids. Parenting is definitely an ongoing crash course on some valuable skills that can be used when working with clients and colleagues.

1. Patience. Your patience gets tested daily in expected and unexpected ways as a parent. You can’t rush a toddler into potty training, just like you can’t rush a project across the finish line. Taking the time to do things thoroughly when the time is right for all involved benefits everyone.

2. Prioritization. You feel a bit like a juggler as a parent, but not always a good one, with too many balls in the air (tasks) and not enough hands (time). To manage and optimize time, you must prioritize your team/your client’s most immediate needs and put some of those balls on the sidelines until you have a hand free.

3. Flexibility. There is nothing more consistent and reliable than parenting, said nobody ever. You think you know exactly how your day will be, but then your child doesn’t want to wear rainboots even though it is pouring outside (true story from last week!). Everything goes off the rails from there. Being able to pivot quickly and focus on what needs to be done is valued in fast-paced work environments.

4. Focus on the team. You want your children to grow and thrive. Subsequently, you invest in

tutors and extra-curriculars, read every parenting book and spend extra quality time nurturing them, to name only a small few things. It is important to invest in your colleagues the same way by connecting, helping to cultivate new skills and work as a team to thrive.

5. Showing up. I often remind myself that I cannot be the best parent to my children unless I have a balanced life. Collective Results has provided me with the ability to not only be the best version of myself for my family, but also for our clients. This way, I can always show up and put my best foot forward every day, for everyone, including myself.

I am grateful my kids have helped me grow and strengthen my skill set, while I was making incredible memories with them that I will cherish forever. I look forward to transferring these skills back into my repertoire here at Collective Results. Are there any skills you have learned or strengthened in other areas of your life that can be transferred to your work life? Tell us about them!

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