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Meet Audra!

Hi! I’m Audra, the newest member of Collective Results. I’m so very excited to be joining this amazing team in helping others do good work.

I have always thought of working as much more than earning a living. Working has never been “just a job” for me and if I’m being honest I have spent much (much!) time debating, learning and thinking about career paths and which is best for me. I have worked in various positions, with wonderful teams at some truly amazing places including schools, universities and not-for-profit organizations, all of which have helped me continue to refine what work means to me and where I want to be contributing.

On my first day at Collective Results I was lucky enough to meet the team in person and participate in strategic planning. The discussion got me thinking, what would the strat plan for my career look like? Maybe creating a full strategic plan is over the top for a blog post, so instead, as a means of introduction, I’ll share some guiding principles or values that I have been refining over the years about my work, and what matters most to me in a career and workplace.

  1. Teamwork: I love working with teams! Building relationships and working alongside friends has been the most fulfilling aspect of my career to date. In my experience, strong relationships are the foundation of good work and enable superior project outcomes.

  2. Learning: the process of learning entices me. I find it exciting to learn how a new sector works, learn new processes or systems, or learn about new people. Learning is what has drawn me to work in education and research roles.

  3. Impact: I want the work I do to matter, and I want to feel that directly.

  4. Balance: while I want work to be more than just a job, I also value time for other things like being with my family, being active, getting outside, reading and traveling.

After my first day at Collective Results, I went back to the firm’s strat plan and was reminded that I’m definitely on the right career path- Collective Results’ mission, vision and values are in total sync with mine. I’m excited to get going with this team and do some good work!

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