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Happy Anniversary to Us!

This week, Collective Results is reaching an exciting milestone. It’s our one year business anniversary!

One year ago, I left my decade-long career in Public Health to start Collective Results. I packed up my office, said goodbye to my amazing and dedicated colleagues, and became an entrepreneur.

When I started this company in November of 2020, I set out with a pretty simple goal: help organizations that do good work do it better. I thought I’d have a pretty small impact in my first year, working with one or maybe two organizations and learning about how to run a business.

Turns out that I was wrong.

The need for this type of work is greater than I imagined, and I had to figure out how to adapt quickly to maximize my impact and to be able to take on all of the interesting and innovative projects coming my way. I hired some of the best strategic thinkers, facilitators, relationship builders, and data-minded people I knew, and we were off to the races.

I made an interesting comparison chart the other day of where I thought Collective Results would be in November 2021 and where we are now. I thought I’d share it in this blog post because the results were both surprising and exciting to me.

The biggest question that I’ve gotten from friends and family over the last year is “so what is it that you do for these organizations, exactly”? I’m happy to share that some of our accomplishments from this year have included:

  • A new strategic plan and implementation plan for a client

  • A recruitment and retention study and action plan for the same client

  • A comprehensive needs assessment to guide program planning for another client

  • A service system redesign for a service system in Northern Ontario

And the list goes on.

I am so proud of our team and the impact we have made over this first year in business.

The most amazing thing to me about all of this is that we are doing exactly the kind of work that I wanted to do when I set out on this journey a year ago. I am so grateful to our clients, the members of our network who have referred us on and helped us to learn and grow, and to the dream team for making this good work happen.

Paper is a traditional first anniversary gift. Beyond this little love note to all of you, our first anniversary gift to our company is going to be to publish our strategic plan for the next few years. We’ve been working hard on defining our intentions for Collective Results, and we can’t wait to share our plan with you. More on that in an upcoming blog post.

Until next time, keep doing the good work!

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