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Client Reflection: Alzheimer Society of Ontario

This blog was written by Christina Stergiou-Dayment, Senior Director, Provincial Programs & Partnerships at the Alzheimer Society of Ontario:

The Alzheimer Societies in Ontario (ASiO) provide programs and services to help improve the quality of life of those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. In order to continue to provide these services in a way that is helpful, ASiO surveys clients and care partners of clients to understand how their programs and services are impacting them. The Alzheimer Society of Ontario (ASO) asked Collective Results to support us in this endeavour.

Collective Results helped us to select a survey platform that was affordable and had all the functionality we needed. They also demonstrated how to use the platform so that we have internal capacity for smaller surveys. We worked together with Collective Results to refine our questions to ensure that we would be collecting information that would truly inform our decisions about services and resource allocation. During this process, we appreciated the expertise and insight Collective Results brought to the discussions and their focus on listening to what was important to us.

After completing an in-depth analysis of the survey data, Collective Results prepared an in-depth provincial level report, a brief provincial report, custom reports for each local ASiO, and one-page infographics to show key findings at the provincial, regional and local levels. Collective Results also presented the analyzed findings of the survey to our ASiO employees.

Across the province, 319 people living with dementia and 3,482 care partners completed surveys. We were pleased to learn that 95% of people living with dementia and 91% of care partners were satisfied with the supports and services we provide. Even more importantly, 72% of care partners reported that their connection with the Alzheimer Society helped them to provide care at home longer. This finding has important implications for the health and well-being of people living with dementia and for significant cost savings for our health system. We are planning to work with Collective Results to explore this further in the next iteration of the survey.

Our working experience with Collective Results, throughout the process, was effortless and efficient. The Collective Results team kept to timelines and met all deliverables which allowed us to provide the local Societies with required reports and infographics. The analysis was spot on and they took the audience into consideration when developing the reports, infographics, and presentations. Our team has already been able to use the data provided by Collective Results to inform program planning, direct service delivery, and inform our advocacy efforts.

Collective Results team:

Thanks Christina! We very much enjoyed working with you and your team from the ASIOs. We learned a great deal about the valuable work you do along the way, and we’re looking forward to our continued collaboration.

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