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Client Reflection: A Continued Partnership to Understand Impact - Alzheimer Society of Ontario x Collective Results

This blog was written by Christina Stergiou-Dayment, Chief Programs & Clinical Operations Officer at Alzheimer Society of Ontario

Alzheimer Societies in Ontario (ASiO) provide programs and services to help improve the quality of life of those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. In order to continue to provide these services in a way that is helpful at both a client and systems level, ASiO surveys people living with dementia and care partners to understand how their programs and services are impacting them. This iteration of the provincial surveys marked the second time Collective Results has supported us with this endeavour.


During this process, Collective Results proved to us once again that they truly understand the important work ASiO does across the province. They were invested in creating end products that are useful to ASiO to make decisions about services and resource allocation as well as to share key impacts and outcomes with relevant partners, including funders. This was evident during each stage of the project, from their expertise in question refinement, to how they approached in-depth data analysis and the creation of over 30 reports and accompanying infographics. At the core of their process was active listening and adapting their processes to meet our needs.


The ease of collaboration with Collective Results paired with quality report outputs is what led us back for continued partnership in a new fiscal year and hopefully beyond. If you are searching for a recommended consultant for data analysis and report generation in a customized and informed way, look no further!

From Collective Results: Thank you Christina! It is always a delightful experience working with you and the project team! Our knowledge and appreciation for the supports and services the ASiOs offer grows each time we get the opportunity to work together. We look forward to future collaboration and data fun!   

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